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Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran

Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran
Author: CockyBoys
Year: 2020
Quality: 720p
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:25:36
Size: 556
Sean Zevran & Rhyheim Shabazz are together again...for the first time at CockyBoys! In this condom-free rematch Sean returns to welcome Rhyheim, self-produced porn star and though they've filmed before, they have all the enthusiasm of first timers. Their friendly but powerful sexual chemistry abounds from the start as Sean gulps down Rhyheim's long boner while Rhyheim fingers and devours Sean's big muscular ass...and neither can get enough!
At one point Rhyheim lifts Sean upside down while rimming him and Sean sucks him back in a vertical 69 before they're in horizontal position Sean taking as much cock in his throat while Rhyheim eats his ass. Soon it's just Sean sucking him deep, with a little help, before Rhyheim gets behind him and drills down on his wet hole. Rhyheim owns Sean's hole and body before flipping him back against him to thrust up into him and let Sean ride his powerful cock.
Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran

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