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Max Konnor and Wess Russel have a Quickie

Max Konnor and Wess Russel have a Quickie
Author: CockyBoys
Year: 2020
Quality: 720p
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:25:07
Size: 553
Hot faves Wess Russel & Max Konnor are back... in a special filmed live cam show! Wess unleashes his extroverted side from the get-go, passionately making out with Max, feeling up his big muscles and offering up his ass for Max's tongue. Then, after sucking on Max's bulging pecs and sensitive nipples Wess goes for his giant cock, deep-throating him in one gulp.
Max responds to Wess' enthusiastic cocksucking with an eye (and his hands) on his ass and soon turns him around to fuck him with his spit-lubed cock. Max penetrates Wess slow & deep and picks up speed, drilling down into him with powerful thrusts and as he drives grunts and groans out of Wess, he owns his muscle ass.
Wess rides & grinds on Max's cock and soon takes all of Max's upward thrusts as they develop an in-sync rhythm which reaches near-orgasmic intensity. They slow down as Max fucks Wess from behind, but it gets intense again as Max pounds him on his back while clutching his neck. Max fucks a massive load out of Wess and not long after more doggy style drilling he shoots all over Wess' hole..and into him. Who is the most wiped out after all this? You decide!
Max Konnor and Wess Russel have a Quickie

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