Leo vs Petr - WRESTLING

Leo vs Petr - WRESTLING
Author: Str8hell
Year: 2018
Quality: 1080p
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:34:58
Size: 1024
Two very hunky guys, Leo Lombar and Petr Jarena are paired up to have a submission wrestling match. The start off in just their underwear and do some warming up exercises. Then it is on with the match. They are soon rolling all over the well oiled mats, as they grapple and try to get a hold on each other. Their well muscled bodies are coated in the oil and they roll around grabbing at each other. After a lot of hard work Leo manages to force a submission from Petr. They take a well deserved drink and then decide that they should oil each other too. Then it is on with the match again, slipping and sliding all over the place. Petr grabs at Leo's underwear and soon pulls it off. Then Leo does the same to Peter. Naked, with the cocks, balls and asses fully exposed they continue to grapple, sliding around all over. It takes a while but Leo manages to gain another point. There is lots of playful spanking as they continue the match. Leo seems to be a on roll and gains another point. In fact he gains the final point too and wins the match. Then they settle down to wank. They are persuaded to wank each other briefly too. Then they go back to wanking themselves and Leo is the first to cum. He milks his cock dry and flexes his biceps in victory, licking too. Petr keeps wanking for a while then they go off to the shower to clean up.
Leo vs Petr - WRESTLING

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