5-way Gym Fuck, Part 1

5-way Gym Fuck, Part 1
Author: ColbyKnox
Year: 2021
Quality: 1080p
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:25:50
Size: 1210
If the ColbyKnox gym were open to memberships, there would be a waiting list. Some good sexing, with all those workouts, is always happening. This week’s video of a live show has a tantalizing beginning. Troye Jacobs is on a bench. Behind him is Jack Valor. He fingers and licks Troye's hole. Colby Chambers and Levi Hatter are sitting on the floor. He's rubbing Colby's back as Troye's moans fill the room. Mickey Knox comes into the scene. He replaces Jack's tongue with his. Levi nibbles on Colby's chest. Jack and Troye are on the floor, making out. Mickey stands behind all of them, grabbing his hard meat. "It's great for me," he says. "I'm such a voyeur at heart." Levi offers Troye a massage. As Levi works his magic on Troye's lower back, Colby kneels in front of Jack. He pulls the lad's shorts down, sucking on his dick. Mickey helps Levi to rub all the tension out of Troye's back. There's a "dick off." That's all of the studs standing up, swinging their tools for the camera. Before long Jack and Levi swap spit. Colby joins Troye and Mickey. With all those hard tools Mickey can't help himself. He gets on his knees, slurping at what his husband and Troye have to offer. "Choke on his dick," Colby orders Mickey as Troye face fucks him. Everyone surrounds Mickey as he offers up his mouth. "That's so hot," Mickey says after giving each cock a well deserved kiss. "God. It's like dreaming of all you cumming all over my body." Eventually Mickey gets behind Colby, licking his man's hole. Jack is on his knees, sucking Colby's pole. As for Levi he licks Troye's hole. He leans over for a taste of Mickey. After giving massages, Levi finally gets one. He is on his stomach, his back rubbed by Colby and Troye. Levi, however, doesn't want to leave any dick un-sucked. So he puts his head in Jack's bush. Mickey, who earlier commented on how plush Colby's tush is, gets behind his husband. Colby is massaging Levi and sucking Troye's dick. "Wasn't expecting that," Colby says. "That went in a little further than I thought." "I'm just playing around," Mickey teases. Colby's johnson is also "playing around" with Levi's back door. Jack decides he needs to be serviced by Troye. So he walks up and puts his cock in Troye's face. However, Jack can't resist Troye's hole. Who can blame him? He returns to where he was when the video started. Thus, ends Part 1! You all ready for the conclusion?
5-way Gym Fuck, Part 1

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