Czech Hunter 671, Robert Smola

Czech Hunter 671, Robert Smola
Author: CzechHunter
Year: 2023
Quality: 1080p
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:28:13
Size: 1260
Prague was a bit deserted today, so it took me a while to find the right dude. I noticed this cutie sitting on a park bench. I circled around him for a minute and then carefully approached him. He looked so innocent, and I didn't want to spook him. It turned out he was waiting for a friend and didn't mind a chat in the meantime. The guy was a college student and was doing quite okay. Talking him into stuff was kinda easy. If he didn't need money for a new phone, I'd almost thought he fancied me. Such a perfect catch. Innocent my ass! This dude was horny as hell and had a massive cock anxious to unload some serious cum. His mouth definitely had experience with boners and his sweet tight ass felt simply amazing. This adorable little slut made me cum twice. That's how good he was.
Czech Hunter 671, Robert Smola

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